Black Gold Label Brutal Boar Creations is dedicated to the production of "MONSTER" wild boar hybrids, pure European wild boars, and rare silverback wild boars.
Our main goal is the creation, preservation, and production of trophy quality wild boar genetics. We strive to cater to the different wants and needs of our diverse customers. We maintain hard to find, pure European blood lines and are one of only 2 ranches in the United States that can produce pure Bzikot animals. The largest pure European blood line... mature males max out at over 500 pounds.

Weiser Weight and Tusk

Brutal Boar Creations owns and operates the "Weiser Weight and Tusk" trophy wild boar record book. Click on the "WWT" logo to learn about the record book and view the current world record boars and barrs.

appalachian boar We also pride ourselves in the size and growth rate of our Appalachian/ European hybrids. These animals are bred for their trophy characteristics and can push the limits in the size and weight category. Their hybrid growth vigor makes them great for stockers on ranches that are looking for quick growing trophies.

Appalachian boar We are into our third and fourth generations of silverback boars. Thru the selective breeding of certain color traits we have produced a unique animal that has become a highly sought after trophy. If you run a specialty ranch that caters to boar hunters then the addition of silverbacks to your herd will allow you to offer something rare and special to even the most seasoned boar hunter. A silverback shoulder mount stands apart from all other boar mounts and immediately will become the center of attention on any trophy wall.

We can do custom matings based on customer's wants or needs. Please explore our site and feel free to call or e-mail with any questions. Our animals are classified as exotic domesticated by the Texas Animal Health Commission and have been born in captivity as have their ancestors. There are no feral hogs used or housed by Brutal Boar Creations.

Brutal Boar Creation's boars have been photographed and used in articles in The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters (2005 Pre-Season Special page 70) and in Boar Hunter magazine. One of our Appalachian boars will be featured in a close-up face shot on the cover of the Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Boar Hunter magazine.

appalachian Cross
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Discovery monsters Max: A GIANT ALLIGATOR, A BEAR-BOAR …

Discovery monsters Max

From June 28 issued new documentary series on monstrous animals, starting with Croczilla and Hogzilla.

This summer, on Sunday night at Discovery MAX and xmovies8 there will be the venue chosen by beasts, legendary creatures and monsters of all kinds to come to light and shown to the public. As of June 28, and throughout the summer, Discovery MAX lay off the week with the most monstrous night when giant snakes, crocodiles, wild boars, lions and countless creatures that inhabit the forests, lakes and forests of the planet take command. the beasts responsible for inaugurating the most monstrous night of the channel are two creatures large and unparalleled fierceness which include the giant crocodile, Croczilla and the beast bear half and half boar Hogzilla, legendary animal of more than 225 kilos in a double on Sunday 28 from 22.30 hours session.


The search for Croczilla starts with Jim and Jason, two specialized chambers in nature, who have dedicated their lives to the investigation and resolution of conflicts between humans and animals, always without bloodshed, in the most remote regions of the earth. Its new high – risk mission is staged in the Caribbean Republic of Belize. Jim and Jason receive an alerting call that a giant crocodile nicknamed ‘Croczilla’ is sowing panic among the local population. As both venture into hostile territory, they will find a jungle lawless inhabited by poachers who shoot first and then respond to questions.His will investigate attacks Croczilla, interviewing victims and give the monster before the villagers out in search of this animal in danger of extinction.


Meanwhile, Hogzilla is played by Jett Webb, an expert hunter eastern North Carolina, whose mission is to track, locate and capture the legendary beast of more than 225 kilos, half boar and half bear, who has been terrorizing the Roanoke river valley. The difficulties and dangers of this risky mission willforce Webb to use traps, tools to stalk from the trees and night vision technology.